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I'm no longer actively seeking commercials or ads but will consider an ad if it is a good fit. Please email me at and provide details of what you want to advertise. I reserve the right to refuse any ad or commercial that goes against my core beliefs, or competes with current advertisers.

Randy Roach, Author of Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors says:

"I have known for years now that Bob Whelan was entrepreneurial within the world of strength and fitness. However, I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when he told me that he could produce a commercial advertisement in audio format for my own book project. That doubt was blown away when I heard what he actually produced for me. I had no idea he had such a talent pool of resources to draw upon. The script, which Bob wrote himself, when recorded by a voice-over professional sounded totally amazing and top of the line when it aired on his 'Natural Strength Night' on Mind Force Radio. The very passion, intellect, and creativity that made Bob a top strength and fitness coach, is quite obvious in all of his endeavours. Thank you very much Bob for the AWESOME commercial."

Randy Roach, Author of Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors.